This Short Film Will Stab Your Broken Heart Again By Reminding You About Your Ex

Breakups are hard. Don’t believe anyone if they tell you otherwise.

Agreed when time spreads its wings, it gets better. But, you are reminded of the pain and the angst when you traverse your life: the memories come rushing in just like leaves turn with a wave of wind. You keep contemplating on the good, bad and worst times and think about why you broke up like a kid revising his school syllabus. It reminds you of its hurtful presence.

But then, you chuck those memories aside and get busy with your life after that life-altering storm.

This video by Pocket Films gives a feel of this emotion and tells how difficult it is to miss the person you were once in love with. 

As you sit down in front of a computer or your phone and type that “I miss you” message for the 456789th time, this video will remind you that breakups also give you strength to embrace life and that it takes guts to live without the person.