This Heartwarming Video About Two Brothers Has A Beautiful Message At The End

Brothers in arms – a phrase used for soldiers fighting for the same side. That’s brotherhood defined for you in the best possible way.

As a younger sibling, you might be forced to wear the older one’s loose clothes or use his old bike. You might wrestle the shit out of each other when your parents aren’t around. You might hate each other’s guts while playing FIFA.


But without a doubt, you are on each other’s speed dial.


You may suck at expressing your love through words but you sure as hell can count on each other. There is no gift worthy enough to express this bond but sometimes you need something that is more than a gift.

Sometimes you need to reinvent the idea of giving.

HP India has come up with this heartwarming video about two brothers. One, a rock star and the other, who has a hearing impairment. A beautiful story that will surely melt your heart in more ways than one.

*Grabs a box of tissues*


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