You Won’t Believe Who The Tenderloins Have Challenged For A ‘Fight’! Hint: They’re From India!



We cannot even contain our excitement with this one. We’re sure you know the hilarious troupe called ‘The Tenderloins’ who feature on Comedy Central in India, right? We’re sure you’d also know the troupe called ‘The Tenderloins’ then. If you don’t, here’s an advice – Get out of your cave, or pick up that rock you’ve been living under and watch this video right NOW!

Yep, that’s right he just tagged three people from India and we’re so frikkin’ excited for this one. Being Indian, The Viral Fever and Vj José have already accepted the challenge and we recommend you buckle up your seats because this ride is going to be funnier than anything else you’ve seen!



Watch Sahil Khattar and Ayushman Gupta here accept the challenge on behalf of Being Indian here…

The Viral Fever followed next…

And Hoezaay still cannot believe what he’s gotten himself into…

Follow the madness here. Trust us, this shit is about to get real!