This Guy Sang Songs To Random Girls On The Street To Get Their Numbers & Guess What The Girls Did?


Bollywood has always been close to our hearts and no matter how hard we try, we will always continue to believe in the fairy tales that our directors choose to show us. Be it Yash Chopra’s epic love stories, or Karan Johar’s modern affairs. All the filmy love that we have grown up watching, secretly makes us want to have a little bit drama in our love stories too.


One of the major problems every guy has gone through at some point in his life is – “How do I get my crush’s number without making a fool out of myself?”

Neither does he wish to sound desperate nor does he wish to just wait for her to develop any feelings for him.


But what if we tell you doing it the Bollywood way actually works? You definitely wouldn’t believe us, right? Which is exactly why we want you to watch this video where this guy sings songs to random girls on the streets of Mumbai and surprisingly doesn’t get slapped even once!

The Express Tribune

In fact, he does it so well that he actually manages to get their numbers. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Watch it yourself. So if you’ve always been the one to get friend zoned, maybe you should try this trick. Because a little drama never hurt anyone.

Tell us which would be your pick up song?