This Comic’s Opinion On Break-ups, Respecting Elders And Discrimination Is Downright Hilarious

Breakups are bad but they get worse when you have a friend who just can’t get over them. Also, elders sometimes give really stupid advice and ask you to do things without any reason. And in India, racial discrimination happens in a hilarious manner.

This is what an upcoming stand-up comedian Abhishek Upmanyu had to share. He is easily the next big thing in the comedy circuit and his hilarious observations are bang on.

His video on Indian Insults and Comebacks has already crossed 2 million views. Abhishek uploaded his third video and it is hilarious AF.

He starts off by talking about his friend who went through a breakup and is simply not able to get over it.


The depression slips its way in every damn conversation and it becomes impossible to have a normal talk with this guy.



He then talks how elders teach you a lot of stuff but don’t exactly tell you the reason behind it.



Abhishek then talks about how Indian parents have a textbook response when you ask them to eat things that you like. ‘Daanto mein keede pad jaenge


Been there, done that. – every Indian Dad


Upmanyu then went on to describe his life’s weirdest criticism. How one of his friends criticised his gums.




Abhishek’s final bit was a weird announcement that he heard during a football match. It was, ‘Today is the anti-discrimination day. Any discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, colour or sex would not be appreciated.’



He then talked about how India has bigger problems than racial discrimination and joked about a scenario in which a guy decides to go to the cops with a complaint of racial discrimination.


(All images are taken from his video.)

Here’s the entire video. Check it out.

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