This Girl Went And Held Hands Of Random Men In Public. Guess How They Reacted


Well, there are pranks which crack you up, and there are pranks which make you laugh until your belly hurts. We’ve all resorted to silly pranks in public. Many times, we’ve been on the receiving end and were played a prank upon.

However, we’d like to give you a statutory warning before opening this video by iDiotube. In case, you’re amongst people, or traveling in a train, or in a busy meeting room, avoid watching this video because it will break you into the lengthiest span of laughter.

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The video opens up with a hot girl going around and holding the hands of random strangers. How they reacted to the prank will surely leave in splits!

Watch the video here:

Makes you wanna go out and a play a prank on someone, doesn’t it?