This Parody Video On ISRO Is The Quirkiest Take On Typical Indian Solutions To Problems

Disclaimer: We respect and love ISRO’s achievements. Nothing makes us more proud than their achievements. This video was purely made with the intent to make you chuckle. 

We Indians are amazing at a lot of things. Math, logic and computers certainly make the cut. Along with that, an innate tendency to adjust, a hyper-real ability to save money and Jugaad is what makes us awesome.

Being Indian took a different approach to highlight this. An approach which was not just out of the box but was out of the earth’s atmosphere as well, quite literally.

Imagine, if there were an USRO – the Unofficial Space and Research Organization out there who demonstrated to us the mammoth task of launching a rocket in 5 simple steps!

Dr Y. Nantankar presents these steps and overcomes certain problems with some hilarious Desi solutions.

Like the problem of logistics solved by C.R.A.M.

What is CRAM? Check this out. Mumbai local to the rescue.



The problem of cost cutting

A simple solution – Indian mothers. Because there is nobody better at bargaining than them. Procuring rocket inventory like normal ‘Bhaaji-Paala’ is what makes us true Indians.


Mrs Kamble cutting cost, quite literally.


The problem of safety

The obvious solution is the Indian way to tackle dangers – Nimbu-Mirch, Nariyal and a Teeka.


Some inevitable Physics

The ultimate solution to launch something extraordinary is by breaking the fundamental laws of Physics.



And finally the Launch

Why don’t you check the video out and find out what happens then?

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