Wait Till You Watch This Japanese Girl Operate A Calculator Faster Than The Whole World!

If I ask you to tell me about one talent you possess that you are shamelessly proud of, what would you reply? (Something which isn’t mentioned in your long resume that guarantees you a job).

As you ponder over your capabilities and special talents, meet this Japanese girl, Asuka Kamimura who uses a calculator faster than anyone else in the whole world.

Asuka works in a Japanese firm which requires her to do calculations at top speed. And Asuka is a clear winner as she operates it at 9 hits per second!  


Wait till you see her operating the calculator at top-notch speed. (She could be a calculator operating witch in some parallel universe).



Her calculations are so accurate that her company’s boss assigns her to check other employees’ work as well. “Her calculations are fast and accurate,” the boss says. 



Asuka takes passion in her fast calculator operating skills and participates in many calculative speed contests to hone her skills.

So cool, right?

Asuka also wins these competitions with her fiery typing skills.

You may watch the video here which is uploaded by Viral Spun.

This just reminds me of my engineering days when we were allowed to use the calculator for lengthy calculations and what a dud I was!

If Asuka were in my place, this is what it would have been like:

Teacher: Kids, you can use a calculator for this test.
Asuka: Done
Teacher: ._.