[Watch] This Video Subtly Kicks You In The Shin Not Before Conveying A Powerful Message In The End

Do you know the difference between ‘sex’ and ‘gender’? In case you don’t know there exists a difference between the two terms, it’s never too late to learn. 

Sex: Categorisation of a person as male or female based on their reproductive organs. In other words, if one has a vagina, “Congrats! It’s a girl!” and if they have a penis, “Congrats! It’s a boy!”

Gender: The forced categorization of a person’s choices as that of a male or female based on the rules put forth by the society. In other words, girls wear pink and boys wear blue.

iStock Photo via Getty Images
iStock Photo via Getty Images

Gender is what governs us all. Gender is what leads us to leave our mouths hanging open and raise our eyebrows every time a person expresses their liking towards something that is supposed to be done by the other “gender.”


Haven’t we noticed that we get shocked every time a boy finds his interest lying in cooking? Or when a girl says she wants to be a biker? We have endless examples lying right in front of us, every time, every day because we, the society, have birthed all these sham of beliefs or rules and wrapped them in the colour-coded boxes of gender.

Well, a video, titled #KaamSeMatlabRakh, published by the YouTube channel Blush has put out a video which shows us why we need to grow up and out of these boxes. 



The video aptly and strongly projects why a person’s sex should have nothing to do with the job they undertake. 


For example, a girl can be as good a rapper as a boy…


Culture shock much?


Or a woman can be as fine a sports coach as a man…



Or a lady can be as excellent a CEO as a man. 


Only, we seriously need to do away with these “gender” prefixes. Watch the video here: