These Girls Got Some Guys To Wear A Bra For An Hour And The Feeling Was Weird AF


Ever wondered how guys would feel if they had to wear a bra all day? Of course you didn’t. But the folks at Old Delhi Films released a video where 4 ladies challenged men to wear a bra for an entire hour to see how it feels like to wear one. We’re unsure about what the conclusion to this video was. So let’s decipher it for you. First, the ladies discussed the issues we face with our bras

Nothing should come in the way of our nap. Not even a bra.



Concerns was raised over rash issues these monsters caused.




And this revelation that proves bras have a twisted mind of their own.


Then enter the boys. Cute, extremely adorable, totally not worth picturing in a bra.

He seemed to be psyched about the entire idea.



This guy had the perfect body, tbh.


But then began the problems.

The situation got a little tight.



But this guy seemed weirdly happy about not being able to breathe.



And this man had a hairy affair.


Though we’re unsure what message the video really wanted to convey, it was fun to watch men try something we know they’d never wear otherwise. And everybody who’s going to comment “Next time get the girls to wear something a guy wears” – Save your imagination for never.

Source: Old Delhi Films