Peeing On People, Forcefully Kissing Women, Asking Them For Sex – This YouTuber Needs To Be Taught A Lesson

Earlier today, we stumbled upon a Youtube channel which goes by the name ‘The Crazy Sumit‘. My team, which mostly has women, squealed in unison as we browsed through the misogynistic crap this guy runs on his channel.

As we dug deeper, we realised there are ample of such videos where sexual harassment is cornered in the name of ‘prank’. For instance, this video where a random guy walks up to various women, kisses them, and before they could retaliate, runs away. These women are left dazed and obviously don’t know how to react.

The video has been taken down after massive criticism, but you can watch it here:

Take a look at this video where he’s harassing a bunch of women to get a kiss which he believes will make his video viral.

‘Arey madam ek kiss toh hai.’

And this, where you’d want to break his skull open. Really hard.

Are you fucking kidding me, Mr. ‘Crazy’ Sumit? Sexual harassment is NOT a bloody joke. It’s a heinous reality which both men and women face on daily basis.

To pester a girl for a kiss who has repeatedly denied is normalizing the trend. To take pride in ‘meine aaj ladki chedi hai‘ is a reflection of your assholery. To touch a person despite their reluctance is suggesting that consent isn’t necessary.

Stop with your perverted clips which reek of classic patriarchy and sexism. Your means of ‘entertainment’ and gaining ‘virality’ does not allow you to portray assault in a comic light. Do not normalise assault in the society where every second person has gone through the trauma of it.

The last time we checked, he had posted an apology video stating he’s pulled down the video, very conveniently ignoring the rest of the shit that’s up on his channel.

I’m doing my bit and reporting his videos. You can also do your bit here by report abusing every video this man has ever made that involves him selling penis enlargement pills by walking in public with a giant ass penis sticking out of his spandex pants or the one where he pees on people – “for fun”.