This Punjabi Song Is An Ode To Pokemon Go And We Have Nothing To Say Anymore


Disclaimer: Any kind of damaging of brain cells, or eruption of the entire brain can take place during viewing of the video. Please proceed at your own risk.

A few months back, Pokemon Go fever went unpredictably high, and children who used to complain about getting dhaniya for their moms, would now willingly step out of their homes in a bid to catch zillion weird pokemons with weirder names.


In an attempt, the sights on the roads have been peculiarly funny, with some ramming into other people, or a huge tree, some tripping over dead bodies. Unlike everything before, Pokemon Go was able to make people move from their comfort zones (sofas) to trenches just to catch that Rattata.


If you think this is where the insanity of Pokemon Go halts, you probably haven’t heard of Simar Gill’s song on Pokemon. While you’re on it, don’t miss background score which goes as Pika…Pikachu.

Here, watch it and get a little creeped out:

*Still on Pika…Pikachu*