If You’ve Ever Been Called A ‘Bitch’ In Your Life, This Video Is For You


The other day I was juggling my way through the crowd at the Mumbai Central station and bumped into a woman who seemed to be in her late 20s. Before I could apologize to her for an accidental collision, she smirked at me and called me bitch, trudging her separate way.

For a minute, I didn’t know how to respond to the situation. I could’ve hurled profanities at her, at least from a distance, but I didn’t. The word ‘bitch’ kept ringing in my ears as I walked my way back home.

For most of us, the term needs no introduction. It’s an original insult, a standalone slur that can be used for women in any given situation. We use the term when a woman chooses to not respond to the catcalls on the street.


We use it when a woman refuses to conform to society-set notions. We use it when she says ‘NO’ to indulge in your whims or chooses to stands against the system which has stereotyped women for long enough.


But, guess what? If you’ve ever been called bitch in your lifetime, you should know you’ve won at life.

This video by Blush featuring Shruti Hassan puts the term ‘bitch’ into a modern context for all those who consider it an anathema in this tidy world:

So, go on. #BeTheBitch.

Because as she said, “If you think ‘bitch’ offends me, oh honey, I’ve got news for you”.


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