This Hilarious Video On Pubic Hair Will Answer All Your Unanswered Questions About Them

We, humans, are incredible in our own ways. We like to talk about random shit that doesn’t really matter but never discuss things that do. Quite understandably so.

Things like your pubes. Jhaant Ke Baal to be more specific.


Because who wants to talk about something that is disgusting and irrelevant right? Well, think about it. Apparently they’re quite relevant.

Forget about talking, awkwardness crosses the Stratosphere when questions surrounding them arise in your minds. Questions like ‘WTF should I do with them?’ or ‘How on earth can I get stop them from growing?’. A lot of unanswered questions in the bag, right?


India definitely needs a lot of answers on this.

As it happens, someone took the efforts to help us all out and answer every question that you can possibly think of, pertaining to pubes.

In this hilarious video, our own Sahil Khattar asks Mumbaikars about pubic hair, what they are, the different names that they have, how different languages call them, how to get rid of them and much more.

Guess what? Mumbaikars don’t disappoint him and come up with some coked-up responses.

For instance, on asking how to shave them off, one dude said,

“Pehli baar jisse apan daadhi banaate hai, usse hi firaa diya tha.”

Then came a question on – The different pube styles that one can go on. Goatee, porn references, Bollywood references, creepy references, taglines, and much more summed this question up.

Rather than making you read all about it, here’s the video. Go ahead, quench your curious ass and have a laugh riot.

Spread the knowledge that you just gained.