This Girl Gave It Back To The Perverts Who Had Disgusting Opinions About Women & Rape

Eve teasing is something we women go through day in, day out. Whether it be malls, roads, or parks, there is relentless attempt to make us know that we are ‘baby’, ‘maal’, ‘item’ and whistling is the way to our heart.

Most of us think ignorance is the solution, and don’t do anything about it. Some hit back, or abuse, but there’s very little that is happening around to bring a change in the mindset of such perverts.


While there are likes of us who think ignorance is bliss, there are some people who take up the grave issue by its neck, and are resolute to find a solution to it.

Folks at SLANG, made a disturbing video which gives a peek into Indian men’s mindset, and how far are we in combating women abuse as an issue.

Watch the video here and don’t complain if their responses will leave you fuming. It’s the India that you and I live in.

If you ask me, it’s not surprising that it has come down to this.