This Interview Of A 20-Year-Old Mark Zuckerberg Talking About Facebook Is Amazing

At an age when most of us had no f*cking clue of what to do with our lives, a Harvard student was busy changing the social world.

Mark Zuckerberg is without a doubt one of the biggest contributors of the 21st century. His creation has been one of the reasons why we all are connected to each other.


What started in a college dormitory has now reached the remotest parts of the world. But as they say, if you plan to do something great, you need to have that vision. Mark sure as hell had that vision since the time Facebook was called The Facebook.

In an interview with CNBC, a 20-year-old Zuckerberg talked about his social networking website that had 100,000 users back then.

The interviewer referred to The Facebook as a Cyber match-making college networking website. And questioned, ‘Is this perhaps the next big thing?

We all know it frikkin’ is.

He then asked Mark about the magnitude of his product. The response was,

“It’s impossible to tell. When we launched, we were hoping for 400-500 people. Now we’re at 100,000 people. Who knows where we’re going next?”

You know your product is awesome when you get those numbers in no time. And that confidence of making it big clearly reflected in a young Mark’s answers.

He then went on to define The Facebook. Imagine, there was a time when Mark Zuckerberg had to explain his website to everyone. A website that has now become the default home page of every computer or the front screen app of every cell phone.

That’s success.

Check the interview out:

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