Now I Know Who Sang ‘Zindagi Toofani Hai’ Song From Duck Tales And It’s Making Me Super Nostalgic!

90’s were the golden period to live in. We had awesome cartoons with the meaningful plot, and it was worth watching them over and over. Time has so easily flown by, and the good old days remains tucked away somewhere in the memories.


But, worry not, we’re here to freshen up those memories. Out of all the fun-filled cartoons, one especially remains close to our hearts, and that is Duck Tales. It’s Hindi theme song that played right before the show started, till now gives us major feels, and there’s no denying that we sang along the music everytime Duck Tales turned on the TV.


But did you know who sang the theme song which you’re wildly fond of? Well, he was none other than Amit Kumar!


Most of us have heard of Kishore Kumar, but this theme song was given by his son, Amit Kumar.


Amit Kumar was a Bollywood playback singer and collaborated with Lata Mangeshkar and Mohammed Rafi a lot of times before he decided to focus more on live stage shows.

Check out the theme song in Hindi right here, and let the feels hit you right everywhere in the body: