We Asked People What Feature They’d Like An App To Have, And Boy, The Demands Were Legit!

Gone are those days when products dictated the terms and conditions of the market. Now, it’s the consumer who makes the rules.

In this age of digitisation, the consumer demands customization. Every product or service thrives on the idea of giving solutions which are tailor-made for individual customers. The 4 Ms of modern day marketing would definitely be Mera, Mujhe, Mere Hisab Se, Mere Liye‘.

If you look at the Mobile Apps, they majorly rely on this premise. Each App customises itself as per the need of the user and some take it to the next level.

Having said that, we asked a few people ‘What feature they’d like an App to have?‘. And boy, we received a lot of interesting replies.

I need an ‘Aukaat Reminder’ feature in an App. ~ Siddharth


Without a doubt, this is the need of the hour. Especially during the last few days of the month. An Aukaat Reminder every time you’re about to spend something that you would eventually end up regretting.


“A Savdhaan Ho feature whenever my spouse is nearby.” ~ Abhijeet


This feature might just help couples avoid countless arguments, don’t you think?


“Auto-dial my Mom every time I finish having food.” ~ David


Having your dinner and not informing your Mom about it is a punishable offence. If you commit such a cardinal sin, you shall be booked under Section ‘Tu itna bhi bada nahi hua’ of an Indian Mother’s Code.


“A feature that suggests the cheapest Food/Drink combo at a restaurant.” ~ Jay


We shouldn’t have been surprised when demonetization was introduced because the concept of ‘cash crunch’ during the last week of the month has prevailed since ages. Who wouldn’t want a feature like this during those unavoidable restaurant visits?


“Something that can help me memorize the lyrics”. ~ Shweta


A valid demand considering the number of times we all have sung ‘Pakk Diya Reindeer Akhha’ in Baby Doll. Misheard lyrics is a real thing and is widely prevalent. If someone helps us out with this, we’d owe him for the rest of our lives.

All these demands seem totally legit and we hope somebody is listening. As far the ones related to cash crunch or managing your money are concerned, there is someone who can help our disorganised self to get on track.

Walnut is that friend we need to manage our expense. Not only does it monitor our spends by reading bank transaction messages securely, it also reminds us with the bill payments so that we avoid paying penalties.

A ‘Vardaan’ for bachelors, Walnut also helps in splitting the bills that automatically makes ‘Hisaab-Kitaab rakhna’ a walk in the park. 

Download it already guys! Android users here, and iPhone users here.

This article is sponsored by Walnut App