There’s A Reason Baba Ramdev Is Posing Like That On A Magazine Cover, Here’s Why…


Had Marilyn Monroe been alive today, she would have instantly committed suicide after watching this!

Yog Guru and a popular brand magazine thought it would be ‘cute’ to have a hairy man showing his behind on the cover of their magazine and it would make peoples’ day. I don’t know about people but they have definitely made the Twitterati’s day.

Twitter went crazy with this “powerful” photo. The magazine cover not only grabbed eyeballs (lulz :P), but also made sure Baba regretted his decision to pose like that.


While twitter trolled and ROFL’ed with his photo, we took our time to come up with some of our very own Baba Ramdev memes. Fasten your seat belts, this is gonna be a hilarious ride! 😀

Presenting to you, for the very first time, a scissor which has a brain of its own and is 99.999% safe. (Nahi toh paise wapas!)



Pac-man is an epic game anyway, but this twist would have beaten #PokemonGo app for sure (At least in India). Baba, you better catch ’em all.



This new product from Patanjali will bring peace, luck, gold, silver, bronze, freedom and Pokemons in your life. Make sure you buy three of them! The best part about this is they water themselves – Self Maintenance Plants  😀



This table was sold for a billion dollars, the specialty of the table is that it gives you this supreme paranormal feeling which shoos away any minute doubt of you being lonely and it also keeps dark spirits at bay! (Arey, sachi!)



NASA and ISRO’s scientists are ashamed of the amazing rocket Patanjali has made! Their achievements are nothing in comparison to this rocket and it’s successful launch to Jupiter. Massive #Respect, #GrandSalute Baba!



From processed to natural products, Baba comes in all shapes, sizes and even fragrances. This flower aka ‘Babaji ki Booty’ has the capability of making you puke when you are not feeling so well about the food you had from a road side stall! This one is a must try. Its effects may last for days, but it will make sure you never have unhygienic food again.



Even if Mithunda was 80 years old today, this disco ball would have reminded him of his dancing days. He would wear his Jimmy clothes on and burst into the iconic pelvic thrust move. This special #BabaRamdevDiscoBall is limited edition! So Hurry!



For all the annoying kids, we have the Dev-nator! Arrogant kids, spoilt brats and snobbish minions- all such negative traits in a child can be controlled now. Buy this product, because we need a better society! PLIZZZZ no debates.


Thank you, Baba- now teachers have come up with a new punishment for kids! We will make sure they know who invented this punishment! (Haha, I know I am evil that way :P)


Tell us which is your favourite Baba Ramdev product and why!


All creatives have been designed by Asha Deora for Being Indian