A Plate Of Biryani United An Uber Driver With This Foreigner And They Became Friends

If there is one food that I can vouch for instantly improving my mood, it’s biryani. A plate of biryani with its rich taste and aroma can fulfil an empty stomach and heart.

I’d always root for biryani, come what may.


If you still have doubts about this, a foreigner, Steven Medway shared his biryani experience and we cannot help but feel wonderful. 


Steven had taken an Uber when he was drunk and little did he know, that his fate had a plate of biryani in store for him…and a friend!

He shared the experience on Facebook and you can read it here:

Had a conversation with the uber driver on Tuesday evening when drunk, about how much I love Indian food and biryani.

Uber driver says his wife makes the best biryani and asks for my number.

I give him my number and he says he will call me to deliver some.

This evening, phone rings and the name says Fasal biryani. I think who is this.

Then I remember the conversation, answer and Fasal says he will be round this evening with the biryani.

He has Just turned up, I think such a nice guy, I’ll give him a tenner for his time. He says no money, this is friendship.

Quite possibly the kindest man I have ever met.
Here’s his Facebook post:

Steven gained a long time friend from this experience and we are damn happy for him!

H/T: Facebook

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