‘Kriti’ – Shirish Kunder’s Short Film Is Allegedly Stolen From A Nepalese Filmmaker And We’re Furious!


First things first. Bollywood film makers (including numero-unos like Anurag Kashyap), have admitted that they take a lot of inspiration from world cinema. Most of them are Korean films because they have such an amazing film industry there. Some directors choose to focus on some scenes and recreate it, whilst some like Shirish Kunder, rip off the entire plot and place it on a rich platter.

Yesterday, the internet was buzzing and applauding an 18 minute short film starring Radhika Apte, Manoj Bajpayee and Neha Sharma, today, we saw this getting shared across our news feed.



A few hours ago, Aneel Neupane, a filmmaker from Nepal, uploaded this status and it’s pissing us off.

Our concern is, small filmmakers like Aneel Neupane who don’t really have a Godfather in the industry, have an option of suing ‘Biggies’ like Shirish Kunder. But will they? No. Why? Because it’ll be a battle between an entire film industry Vs. “Strugglers” and you know what the industry does with “strugglers” who try and raise a voice demanding their rights. They get crushed under the screams of the rich and influential.


And that’s infuriating. This battle between right and wrong Vs. the influential and the newbies is something that’s always going to crush dreams. Being Indian contacted Aneel and asked him what he’s going to do about this fiasco, “Honestly, I don’t even have a copyright registered for the film. And I’m clueless as to what I CAN do.”

And we don’t even blame him. Little did he know that it’ll one day become a facebook trend! Watch Aneel’s film here –

And here’s Shirish’s film. Judge for yourself –

You can reach out to Aneel here. And we really hope Shirish responds to this Aneel. That’s the least and the easiest thing he can do after stealing someone’s content.