Ever Wondered How Much Bollywood Celebs Get Paid To Perform At Weddings?

If you belong to that innocent group of people who think that film stars make money by starring in movies and endorsing products, it’s time to update yourself. Not only do our favourite stars invest their money in multiple ventures, a large part of their income is earned during the wedding season, by attending and performing at these functions. In fact, the amount they get paid for this runs in lakhs and crores.

And today, we take a look at the rate card, in case you feel like ‘inviting’ them at your next family function!

Shah Rukh Khan

© Being Indian
© Being Indian

Shah Rukh Khan is one Bollywood actor who doesn’t shy away from admitting the fact that he likes to dance at weddings as it brings him loads of money. During the promotions of Happy New Year, the actor had jokingly said, “In order to complete the shooting of Happy New Year, I had to earn money by dancing at a wedding.”


Akshay Kumar

how much does akshay kumar charge to dance at weddings
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An actor who sometimes charges 1 crore per day for shooting his films, Akshay Kumar too attends parties and weddings at a price you and I can only dream of demanding.


Salman Khan

how much does salman khan charge to dance at weddings
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Just like his films, Salman attends parties with his own set of rules. The Bhai of Bollywood doesn’t like dancing in people’s weddings but he is happy to attend and bless the couple. And though he is rarely seen attending corporate events, he makes sure to charge a stellar price for that too.


Priyanka Chopra

how much does priyanka chopra charge to dance at weddings
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The Baywatch babe who is busy settling down in the States rarely attends weddings these days. But her performances at such events were once the talk of the town.


Katrina Kaif

how much does katrina kaif charge to dance at weddings
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The Chikni Chameli girl too likes to perform at weddings. The actress claims to really enjoy the environment and doesn’t miss a chance to charge a bomb for her performance. From attendance to performing at weddings, Katrina gets paid in crores.


Bipasha Basu

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© Being Indian

Bipasha Basu is one Bollywood celeb who has often been spotted gracing many mehendi ceremonies. And why not! It’s adding lakhs and crores to her bank account.


Shriya Saran

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© Being Indian

Shriya Saran has always made a point to not attend and perform at weddings. But when it comes to visiting events and giving speeches there, the actress is always up for it.

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