These Bollywood Celebrities Pretended To Be Unmarried In Fear Of Losing Stardom

Everyone in the Indian film industry is wearing a mask and hiding a story they want nobody to know. While some are hiding stories to keep their private matters ‘private’, there are some who have hidden stories in the fear of losing the place they’ve acquired in the industry.

There are celebs in the industry who placed their career above everything. Even their marriage. But unfortunately, their secrets couldn’t live longer since there has been no one till date who has been able to hide from the prying eyes of media.

Here is a list of Bollywood celebrities who hid their marriages only so they could maintain their stardom and position in the industry.



When Sridevi got married to Boney Kapoor, he had not even gotten a divorce from his first wife Mona. However, although she tried hard to keep her marriage a secret, she failed to do so. Eventually, she had to announce her marriage to Boney Kapoor as her baby bump started showing.

Juhi Chawla


Juhi Chawla kept her marriage under the covers for a very long time and even confessed to doing the same as she was scared about not getting any offers post marriage. She married businessman Jay Mehta and openly accepted her marriage when she got pregnant. Some people also say that she has called her husband ‘just a good friend’ for quite some time post her marriage.

Aamir Khan 


Aamir’s marriage with Reena Dutta was, unfortunately, full of problems. They got married on 18th April 1986 and rumours say that he hid his marriage for his career. However, Aamir has always been open about his relationships and even agreed that he waited for his 21st birthday only so he could propose Reena.



There has been a lot of speculation about Rekha being married to Vinod Mehra. And while a lot of actors sooner or later did announce their marriages openly, Rekha is still making the world believe that she is single.

Well, although we all have stories we will never tell, there will come a day when they will know it all.