Priya Malik Savagely Shut Down The Dick Pic Senders In The Most Hilarious Way Possible


Priya Malik rose to fame when she appeared in Bigg Boss last year. Since then, she has gathered tons of followers on social media including on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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However, with a large number of followers comes a proportionate number of perverts. And Malik has been dealing with them for far long now.


But, unlike us, she has been savagely taking them down, one comeback at a time.


“When you name and shame an abuser who invaded your personal space, you’re taking the power back from them. When was the last time being a quiet victim helped?” Malik said in an interview with BuzzFeed.


“This one guy literally asked me to not post it after calling me a bitch. It’s insane how they expect their privacy to remain intact, in spite of invading mine,” she added.


“When I was quietly seeing them and reporting/deleting them, it wasn’t helping. I was letting them succeed in causing me a sense of discomfort.”

 It’s just not pervs who she caught hold of, but she didn’t spare body-shamers too.

And when someone asked her ‘if she wants a penis’, here’s what she said, “If they have the right to send me a dick pic, I have the right to expose them.”

Let’s applaud this ferocious lady and her existence.