Chetan Bhagat Opened Up About His ‘Tough’ Times On Twitter Which Takes Serious Guts


If we have to make a list of people we don’t want to troll, but they kinda call for it so we do, Chetan Bhagat would certainly be somewhere in it.

For some time, Bhagat is going through ‘tough’ times in life which he finally opened up about on Twitter yesterday. For him, this is the hardest thing he has to go through, difficult than any exam, job or story he has ever written.


Here’s what he posted:

Twitter wasn’t very sympathetic to this aloud contemplation of Bhagat and totally weighed in.

Not just that, Bhagat had a brilliant epiphany while posting about the cover of the book which will send you into deep philosophical thinking:

Again, people on Twitter wasn’t going to let this tweet go unscathed:

Not born with a brilliant luck, Mr. Chetan, are we?