Deepika Padukone Opens Up About Priyanka Chopra And Their Alleged Disputes


For long, we’ve been fed by the tabloids that two actresses can’t co-exist peacefully. Rumoured rifts and cat fights fill up our feeds, serving as a fodder for the gossipmongers.

Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone who’ve become global icons are often under the harsh scrutiny of the media.


A while back, there were murmurs that PC and Deepika’s relationship has turned sour during the filming of Baajirao Mastani and hasn’t bettered since then.

In an interview with Vogue, Deepika cleared the air around the controversy and talked about her relationship with our very own desi girl.


“We have had very different beginnings. I still remember I was in school when she (Priyanka Chopra) won Miss World! I’ve known her for many years and nothing has changed,” Deepika told the magazine.

Vogue India

Rejecting the notion that two females in the same career can’t be friends, she said,“everyone will have a different path and a different journey. What she wants from her career will be very different from what I want and that needs to be understood and respected.”

When asked if it’s lonely at the top, she said, “Well, I wouldn’t know. My focus has always been on the journey… on doing good and challenging work and enjoying the process.”


She also opened up about her Forbes ranking and told the magazine,“I’ve never been driven by money. It has never been my priority or ambition. But it makes me happy to know that when I focus on the things that I love doing and I’m so passionate about, it can result in something like this. As long as I can sit here and enjoy the experiences I’m having, the rest is gravy.”

H/T: Vogue India