This Employee Resigned In The Sassiest Way And It Involved A Toilet Paper


Money may definitely not be able to buy some of the most precious things like happiness and peace but it can definitely make you buy things that bring happiness and peace to you. And hence, no matter how many times you crib about your mean and not-at-all-cool boss, you still have to wake up to your daily alarm, get up, get dressed and show up at your workplace.

However, there are some who care about their life and their passion more than ‘log kya kahenge’ and therefore, choose to take a stand for themselves by deciding to move on.

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One such employee who worked in a place for almost two weeks decided to quit his job as he felt he was being ill-treated there.


And while a lot of people may find it difficult to place the resignation letter on their boss’s desk, here is one brave man who wrote a rather bold resignation letter.

A Reddit user by the name ‘Girlofgodsbadday’ uploaded a picture with the caption “My husband’s letter of resignation” – a resignation letter written on a toilet paper.

While a lot of us would have thought about our future, this man literally believed in the concept of living in the moment.

Have a look at this quirky resignation letter:


Here is what it reads:

I have chosen this type of paper for my 2 week resignation as a symbol of how I feel this company has treated me, and ironically, how it is disposed of is where I feel the company is going.”

One Reddit user commented on the image saying, “I hope he doesn’t need a reference letter.” To which ‘Girlofgodsbadday’ replied, “wouldn’t have done it if he did. He’s fortunately in a place he can do without a reference.”

However, not everyone on the internet appreciated this boldness.

Maybe there was a boss who had received a similar resignation letter and hence commented, “Glad it worked for you, but as someone who interviews and hires, I wouldn’t hire someone who talked so disrespectfully about a former boss. I know there are bad bosses out there, but how people deal with that tells me a lot about what kind of employee they may be. I don’t need the drama.”

Well, in a world that is constantly trying to be someone else, this man chose to stand apart by doing this.

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