Celebrities Support The #ReleaseThePressure Campaign. Here’s Why You Should Join Them Too

Board exams are going on and they are the most overrated exams that we know of. Once a child enters Class 10, their teachers and parents assume an air of (over) strictness from the first day of the dreaded grade.

Obviously, the children who are sandwiched between their parents and teachers expectations, amidst exams (boards or not), have lots of things going on in their heads. Things that they want their elders to know to explain to them their plight. And those are the things that some children wrote to their parents in awakening letters to #ReleaseThePressure as part of an initiative by Mirinda.

Video Screengrab/Facebook
Video Screengrab/Facebook

It worked. The parents realised how much they were burdening their kids with their expectations and so did some celebrities, who came out in support of these children:

Rana Daggubati 


Anupama Chopra


You can read Zuni Chopra’s poem here.


Malaika Arora


Virendra Sehwag


Kids, go on and tell your parents that you can sail through your exams without extra pressure. In fact, you can do much better without it. They will understand.

You can join the #ReleaseThePressure movement by taking a pledge right here or by giving a missed call on 8866288662.