Who Else Agrees These Pets In Bollywood Did A Way Better Job Than The Actors?

Disclaimer: No animal has been harmed in the making of this article. Although, we did make memes on some. The author loves animals. He thinks they are better than hoomans.

Back in the day, the formula to a superhit movie did not involve a good script. All you needed was a superstar, a dhinchak Jatin-Lalit song, an old melodramatic mother and something extra.

That something extra could be anything. An animal, special effects, an animal with special effects and so on.

We don’t get to see them anymore. Sigh. In order to ensure their memory continues to live with us for years to come, let us remember these legendary animals who have given their heart and soul to the Hindi film industry.


Tuffy from Hum Aapke Hain Koun

tuffyThe only person who acted in this long ass family torture was Tuffy. Apart from being amaze-balls, Tuffy was the only reason for Madhuri to have feelings for Bhai. Hadn’t it been Tuffy’s persistence, Madhuri would’ve surely ended up with the RIGHT GUY.

Tuffy was smart. Tuffy had a sense of direction. Tuffy also knew the difference between a footpath and an actual road. 



Tuffy was too good for them, tbh.



Generic Hathi from Hathi Mere Sathi

Bollywood writers sometimes don’t take the effort to name a character. Even if that character has its mention in the title and is an essential part of the summary.


Generic Hathi had something similar written in his fate.


The CGI duo from Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

Presenting annoyance in the form of computer graphics. This parrot is the reason why organisations like PETA exist.



Another great thing about Raja is he gives zero fucks to his owners.

Also, since they hired a CGI guy who made a shitty parrot, the director was like, “Why don’t you make a shitty dog as well?”



Johnny makes random strangers shit in their pants. Except for Prem.


Long live special effects!

Kabootar from Maine Pyar Kiya

In all fairness, this guy is accurate with his delivery. How often do you end up sending a message to the wrong group? Kabootar the pigeon never fucks up.



Also, Kabootar doesn’t do shit unless told to. Bhagyashree and Bhai had to sing a frikkin’ song to get his lazy ass moving.



Masakali from Delhi 6

You know your career is screwed when you have to work in a film which has Sonam and Abhishek starring in it. But, good show Masakali. Good show.



Apart from having a cameo as long as a song, this dude takes all the attention away from Sonam. Despite her dance and immaculate acting. *Ahem*



Fakhru from Kya Kool Hain Hum

There are too many reasons to hate Kya Kool Hain Hum. Terrible comedy, Tusshar Kapoor, sick jokes to name a few. But the reason why I hate this movie the most is because they ruined the cutest dog known to mankind.



They showed him getting a hard-on in every scene that he featured. And ruined pugs for us forever!


This list will never end. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section.