“Why Isn’t Men’s Day Celebrated So Pompously? Why Only Women’s Day?” – We Have A Solution

It’s difficult, being a man in this age, isn’t it? Getting up early in the morning, eating breakfast that’s already spread out for you on the table, heading to work where you probably get paid as much as any other man in the office with your years of experience does. Working late until night and then chilling a little bit with your buddies before you reach home again to another spread of food waiting at the table.

Sigh. What a dull life! We received a lot of comments on all our women-centric posts today asking why men aren’t celebrated the same way women are. Hmmm. Quite legit this statement was. Because men have it so tough in this world. Oh, they do.

It’s so sad that men are never told to stay at home post 8 PM. It must be difficult to stay outside the whole night with no calls from parents asking about your whereabouts, amirite?



And dude, wouldn’t you have loved it if women would stare at your hairy chest when you deliberately let those two buttons loose? But they never seem to get the damn hint.


Oh wait. Nope, nobody’s complaining.


Don’t you hate it when women stand close to you and feel you up in the subway/metro?


And it’s so annoying when your parents don’t ask you about your life. It’s almost like they don’t care about your existence.


It’s so difficult to explain why you earn more than your wife/friend/sister. Must suck to be richer than your equals. 


Her = 4 years of experience = 8 Lacs PA. Him = 3 years of experience = 10 Lacs PA.

Isn’t shopping for groceries difficult? No wonder a woman knows how to do it best.


So you were saying you want Men’s day to be celebrated pompously? How about you work harder to get your equal half to where you stand today. Let’s celebrate it together then.