Manipal University Has Allowed Its Students To Masturbate But Only On One Condition


In the movie, ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’, remember the scene in which Matthew McConaughey, a senior stockbroker advises a young Leonardo Dicaprio to keep the rhythm below the belt?

Apparently, masturbation does calm you down. One stroke of genius and boom, the pressure’s gone.

It is a boon, especially for college students. Students who have lots of time on their hands and an imagination that goes beyond the universe of Naughty America and Brazzers.

But what happens when your imaginations take the better of the washroom’s drainage capacity? When the shower’s sperm count exceeds the maintenance budget?

Manipal University had to go through a semen storm which forced them to publish a circular which is one of its kind.


Yes, that’s right.


According to this post on Twitter, Manipal University released a circular dated 20/12/2016 which prohibits the students from masturbating in showers.


The message is loud and clear. The shower drains are not designed to handle semen.

We did not see that cuming.

The university also went to the extent of urging students to jerk it off in their own rooms.

We cannot imagine the reaction of the students to this news. All this while, their priorities seemed pretty sorted.


But this circular changes everything. All those who used to take a long time in showers will probably finish within minutes.

Some might even drop the idea of taking a bath. Since this being one of the fundamental rules of hostel life.

And those who dare. . .


Hang in there fellas! You still have your rooms.

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