This Twitter Exchange Between Hrithik And SRK Is The Bromance No One Talks About

Ahead of the release of Raees and Kaabil, there have been speculations of implicit tension between the respective teams, as the two big films hit the theaters at the same time.

For long, Bollywood has pitted two superstars, their movies, and their overall work against each other, but times are changing now.


In an endeavor that re-forges the notion of celebrities’ equations in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan reached out to SRK via twitter to pour healthy wishes for his new release, and SRK returned the kind gesture.

Here’s what Hrithik tweeted to the King Khan:

The admiration doesn’t come as surprise as the two actors shared an on-screen space long ago. 

Responding to Hrithik’s tweet, SRK penned down the sweetest words, and even expressed his regret over the unavoidable clash of the two films.

It’s time we stop pitting two actors and their work which is varied, and nuanced in its own form. It’s time we acknowledge different types of cinema that reach us, and the artists who deliver. And more importantly, it’s time we need to put an end to endless speculations about the two celebrities, and focus on their deliverables instead.