Commentators Doing The Ishant Sharma Game Face Is Cricket’s Weirdest Story

No other test match will be as dramatic as the one that was played in Bangalore a few days ago between India and Australia. From captains taking jibes at each other outside the field to memeing Ishant Sharma’s face, this match saw it all.

If the history of Cricket does not have a mention of this test match, Karni Sena will probably bash up the ICC.

In case there’s a rock that blocks your vision of the world, here’s the Ishant Sharma game face we’re talking about:

Deccan Chronicle


As if the world wasn’t weird enough, some of the most dignified Cricket commentators took on the challenge to recreate Ishant Sharma’s game face. Yes, this is another one of those sentences that I never thought I was going to write.

Fueled by one of the most graceful Cricket Boards, BCCI sent these commentators out on a task. The task that was going to erase years of cricket legacy they prided themselves with.


Sanjay Manjrekar’s Ishant Sharma face is basically our reaction every time Sanjay Manjrekar took 37 balls to make 1 run.

Sanjay Manjrekar doing an impression of Ishant Sharma and instantly regretting it.


Mayanti Langer doing the Ishant Sharma game face is a clear example of harassment of women in the workplace.



Nobody has ever humiliated Australia like BCCI did when they made Australian legend Matthew Hayden do the Ishant Sharma face right after his team was defeated in the second test. 


Touché BCCI, touché!



There are more cricketers turned commentators who try on the Ishant Sharma game face, with more horrendous results, tbh.

Watch them all here so you can tell your kids about the time Cricket started doing acid.


Not sure how Ishant Sharma is reacting to all of this but he deserves to prosecuted.