Quora User Alleges Katrina Kaif To Be The Rudest In Bollywood In This Controversial Thread

Responding to a question that asked who the rudest actress in Bollywood was/is, an anonymous user on Quora has alleged Katrina to be the one. The user shared her working experience on the sets of the hit song Kaala Chasma from the movie Baar Baar Dekho and stated how she demanded everyone to be awake and standing while she shot the song in an overnight shoot.

The original question read, ‘Who is the rudest Bollywood actress you have ever met?’ and here’s the answer that received the most number of Upvotes.

Katrina Kaif for sure.
I was working on the set of Baar Baar Dekho (shooting for the super popular song Kaala Chashma) as an assisting makeup artist for the extras, and since the extras needed touchups between takes, all of us assistant artists were required to be on set throughout the shoot. It was an overnight shoot (8 pm to 8 am), and there were 5–6 of us.
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Since two people were enough to do one touch-up at a time and we were tired after being on our feet for hours, a couple of us would try to take naps while sitting on this tiny sofa in the corner about 25 feet away from the stage where Katrina was shooting.

After a while, Katrina called out to her spot boy and flippantly made a gesture towards us, telling him to instruct us to remain standing the whole time because it was irritating and distracting her to see sleeping people while she was working.
So, from 3 to 7 AM, after being constantly on our feet since 8 PM, we were made to stand. We were not even allowed to sit.
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Plus, she is almost always late in returning to the set after a break. The entire crew and director would be back, but she’d be chilling in her vanity van.
I was a huge fan of her before this incident, but ever since then, seeing her face on TV or a billboard makes me feel irritated.


While the allegation does come as a shock to all of us, we’re not jumping to conclusions yet. Considering how sweet the actress has been in all her interviews, the comment section of the original answer was filled with similar stories, leaving us to wonder what the truth is!

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