There’s An Association In J&K Named L.A.W.D.A, And It Has A Strange Connection To Something Down South


There have been some unfortunate incidences in the past where some associations and organisations have had their fair share of embarrassing abbreviations attached to them. For example –


Not like we’re hinting at anything. We are loving how the world is using these terms casually now. It’s like speaking in a language only us desis understand.


They are also doing it with educational institutions. And the award for the most Honest college in India goes to –


This has to be the most obviously literal translation of your 4 years in college.

Anyway, let’s discuss about Jammu & Kashmir now. What a gorgeous little state. Makes you want to fight for it, if you know what I mean –

Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet


There’s nothing that can make your cringe about this picturesque state. Every picture you take is a postcard –


And to add to the beauty of this state and our internal desi jokes, here’s what they decided to name their lake organisation – L.A.W.D.A (Lake and Waterways Development Association)



What happens when people protest against ‘Lake issues’? We’re picturing it to be something like this –



And that’s not it, what happens to people who actually work there? How do they deal with the trauma?



And it is apparently not doing a great job cleaning sewage and channels either. We’re guessing some dysfunction of sorts…

Twitter: @NigelBritto
Twitter: @NigelBritto


And for the weirdly sanskari kids who don’t know what we’re joking about here, well, lawd(a) save you! Here, urban dictionary it – Lawda.