This Guy Got ₹51 In His Paytm Wallet From Someone Who Stole His Joke On The Internet


Defn. – An art of creating content under the umbrella of ‘inspiration’ when your brain has clearly run out of ideas.

A random great person once quoted,


The film industry has been polluted with plagiarism since decades. However, the latest industry to get affected by this is the comedy industry.

With individuals/brands lifting content from the Internet and packaging it with their watermark, the original creators miss out on getting the due credits.

One such thing happened when Himanshu Khodke posted a joke on Twitter.


This joke became viral after a lot of people shared it without giving credits to Himanshu. HuffPost India reported Himanshu saying,

“So some guys copied my joke on Facebook and I started fighting for not giving me the credits and after getting really frustrated he offered me 51 Rs.”

He posted a picture on his Facebook account which had screenshots of some who copied his joke.


Things took a hilarious turn when one of the guys from the above image requested Himanshu to delete his screenshot from the post.

Not just that, Himanshu was also offered ₹51 by that guy to do so.

And he actually did it.


The best part of this transaction was the comment, ‘Rona Band Kar Bhai’. Himanshu shared this post to sum it up with the perfect caption.


Be original, they said!

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