KRK Hated Rangoon So Much, It Would Make You Want To Watch The Film

KRK or Kamaal Rashid Khan is a male, in his 40s (probably) who is an Indian citizen. This is the most positive way to describe KRK. Any other introduction of the man includes expletives.

After successfully teaching the world how not to act, KRK turned film critic on his much popular and equally avoidable Youtube channel.



So, after reviewing hundreds of films without anyone having asked him to, KRK decided to review this week’s big release: Rangoon.

KRK is famous for putting up videos on the internet that are seen by thousands of men on their phones. But for Rangoon, KRK decided to live tweet the film while watching it.

No wonder he didn’t like it.

For a man like KRK, tweeting something without having the time for proofreading it can be dangerous for the human civilization. The result of this live tweet is that it now makes us want to watch the movie.

Here, check it out. It would make you curious about the film:








The last time KRK hated a film so much, it became the best film of 2014. We don’t know if Rangoon is as good as Haider was but KRK’s tweets sure as hell make us curious about the film.