Kushal Tandon Saved Jennifer Winget From Fire And Got Burnt Himself. Here’s The Video

Kushal Tandon pulled a real heroic stunt when he saved Jennifer Winget from the sets of their TV show, Beyhadh.

The duo was sitting in a mandap which was set on fire for a particular scene. While the shooting was in progress, the fire spread and started destroying the sets.

Kushal Tandon was quick to jump to rescue and pulled Jennifer Winget from the disaster zone. 

He described the experience on Instagram.



He was glad that he saved Jennifer Winget, especially when no action director came to her rescue.


A wedding sequence was being shot because of which the mandap was set on fire.

When the set caught fire, the priest was the first one to run away. Jennifer froze while the fire surrounded the mandap and Kushal Tandon rescued her just in time.

Kushal was glad that he saved a girl from the fire in real sense and rescued Jennifer. 

He thanked God for giving him enough strength to save her.

Kushal Tandon is a hero for rescuing the actress by using his presence of mind.

Thank God no one was injured.

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