If You Use The Facebook Messenger Everyday, There’s A Pretty Good News For You


In an attempt to make Facebook Messenger a place to “live chill” with friends, Facebook yesterday announced the most requested Messenger feature ever – the ability to video chat in groups. The popular app now supports video calls for groups and people can now plan a vacation or share a joke with a more personal approach. 

how to use the group video chat feature in facebook messenger



Facebook claims that more than 245 million people use its Messenger app to make video calls every month and with the feature for groups to have a face-to-face interaction, it aims to give a more enriched experience to its users.

The company says that it is “perfect for those spontaneous moments where text just isn’t enough.”



The Group Video Chat feature comes with the restriction to let only 50 friends join the conversation with faces of only four people to be shown on the screen at a time. The company said that once more than six people are on the call, just the dominant speaker is shown to all participants.

The update was rolled out yesterday for Android, iOS, and web users, with the option to play with SnapChat-like 3D masks while on the call restricted to iOS users only. The company said that the fun feature will be rolled out to Android users soon.


Okay, but how does one get started with it?

To get started, you’ll need to update the Messenger app on your phone, which is anyway done automatically and then jump into an existing group conversation or create a new one. The video icon is right there in the upper-right space of the screen and tapping it will let everyone in the group notified. Every other participant can now join the video chat with a single tap.

For an extra nudge, you can also directly ring just a few people or the whole group.

facebook messenger can now also be used to make group video chat


The update makes Messenger the first app that is used by people by all over the world to have this much-awaited feature, beating FaceTime/iMessage, Google Duo, and Snapchat to the punch. WeChat, a less popular app, on the other hand, had this feature for over a year now.


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