This Man’s Marriage Proposal To His Girlfriend Took 3 Years To Complete

It’s not every day that you stumble across something which is aptly profound.

Being in love is a beautiful feeling. It’s a territory which is built with love, trust, faith and compassion. People who have experienced this will definitely vouch for this. Most of the people try to keep the spark alive in their relationship and let fate take its course to decide the outcome.

But, we came across one of the epic love stories where the guy wrote love letters for three years and through these letters, he was trying to propose her subtly.


Timothy and Candice are one of the couples who started dating in 2013. The love letters were a part of the huge plan – A marriage proposal. 


Once he was done with fourteen letters, both of them sat down and decoded the secret proposal. Every love letter started with a capital letter and if the letters were placed all together, it spelt out the message ‘Will you marry me?‘.

Candice was surprised with this heartfelt proposal and shared her thoughts:

“I am very difficult to surprise so this totally caught me off guard.”


Here are some of the pictures from the wedding proposal:

1. “Tim is always like this. He’s genuinely a thoughtful and romantic kind of guy.”



3. On their wedding, Timothy sang a song for Candice which he wrote once they started dating.





Relationships like these restore my faith in love. Thanks Timothy for giving us #RelationshipGoals.

And all this while, I have been waiting for a single reply from my boyfriend.

Source: Daily Mail

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