There Was Another Massive Fuck Up At The Oscars That No One Is Talking About

The 89th Academy Awards was something new in itself. It was by far, the funnest Oscars we had seen over the past decade. From pulling the prank of the century to pulling the fuck up of the century, the show had everything.



Now if you think announcing the wrong film’s name for the Best Picture Oscar was the biggest goof up last night, you clearly haven’t seen the ceremony closely.

During one of the more sensitive segments during last night’s Oscar ceremony, the organizers made a goof up that they hope would stay hidden forever.

The segment started with remembering the stars we had lost during 2016, which were quite a lot. Legendary Indian actor Om Puri was also one of them.



The Academy also paid tribute to Australian costume designer Jan Patterson who passed away in October 2016. Jan Patterson had been nominated for an Oscar 4 times.

However it wasn’t Jan Patterson’s image that was used by the Academy in the segment. They mistakenly used an alive person’s picture for the deceased Jan Patterson’s tribute.


Eminent Australian producer Jan Chapman is said to be disturbed after she found out her image has been used to identify a deceased person at the Oscars.



Australian producer and a generally alive person Jan Chapman shared her views on the matter with Variety. She said:

“I was devastated by the use of my image in place of my great friend and long-time collaborator Janet Patterson. I had urged her agency to check any photograph which might be used and understand that they were told that the Academy had it covered.”

She added:

“Janet was a great beauty and four-time Oscar nominee and it is very disappointing that the error was not picked up. I am alive and well and an active producer.”

Well, looks like the 89th Academy Awards were the Sacha Baron Cohen of the Oscars: awkward, weird and really fun.

Feature source: Kevin Winter / Getty Images.