There’s No Way You Haven’t Lied To The People Who’ve Asked You These Questions

Believe it or not – we all lie. We all have, at some point in our lives. And those lies weren’t the ones that caused any harm, they were just told, rather, are told in most situations only to not hurt the sentiments of the person expecting an honest reply.

Just like some people, there are some questions that you never want to encounter in your life because honestly, you’ll most probably be dishonest while answering them.


Here is a list of some of those questions whose answers are almost, all the time – A BIG FAT LIE.


Are you fine? 



Can I taste that biryani that you’re having?


Am I looking good? 


Errm, I guess?

How much do you earn?

Are you a virgin?


Did you fart? 


Well, what do you think?