Akshay Kumar And Ranveer Singh Danced On Hookah Bar And You Don’t Wanna Miss It

Ranveer Singh is so peppy that he can light up any environment. He injects his torrents of energy into the dull environment, irrespective of the place and people around.

His goofiness is something that sets him apart in the Bollywood industry and he ensures that he nudges his contemporaries to participate with him in his madness, thus breaking into a delightful unpredictability. (Remember the push-ups with Baba Ramdev?)

And this time, he made sure that the wedding function was fun!


Bollywood attended the wedding of GVK scion, Keshav Reddy and Chinnapa Reddy’s daughter, Veena Reddy.


The actors ensured to lend a filmy backdrop to this extravagant wedding – Jacqueline Fernandez performed a dance number, Ranveer grooved to his signature move ‘Tattad Tattad‘, amongst the many performances. 


Here’s him gyrating to ‘Tattad Tattad’:

But then, Ranveer Singh proved to be himself once again!

While he was dancing to his signature song, he invited Akshay Kumar onto the stage to shake a leg with him.

The duo sang ‘Hookah bar’ song and danced to it, thus making the crowd go frenzy!

Here are the videos that stand testament to Ranveer’s craziness:


Look at him shaking a leg with Sridevi with absolutely no qualms.

Trust Ranveer Singh to give us adrenaline rush with his energetic performances and lend befikre-ness off screen, every single time!

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