Rishi Kapoor Loses It On Twitter Trolls, Goes On To Abuse Them In Personal Chat

Rishi Kapoor’s image doesn’t pop up when someone googles “loose cannon”, however looking at his Twitter account, we believe it should.

After having achieved the pinnacle of stardom in Bollywood, Rishi Kapoor took a backseat to see his son conquer the world if Indian cinema. However that hasn’t clearly stopped Rishi Kapoor from saying what’s on his mind.

Equipped with the world’s most unfiltered social networking site, Twitter, Rishi Kapoor has thrown away the moral filter that keeps one from being openly mean to people. This not only makes Rishi Kapoor a lethal weapon on the webspace but also a necessary force to keep the trolls at bay.



However everything he has tweeted so far is nothing in comparison with the kind of things Rishi Kapoor tweeted yesterday.


 The context:

After the news of Karan Johar adopting twins broke out on the internet, Rishi Kapoor tweeted a ‘QUIZ’ asking people the similarity between Rishi Kapoor and Karan Johar.


One Twitter user successfully guessed it earning themselves a reply from Rishi Kapoor.



But Twitter being Twitter, Rishi Kapoor’s tweet invited a lot of undesired answers that may have caught Rishi Kapoor off-guard. The result: a disgruntled and angry Rishi Kapoor.


It was at this point that Rishi Kapoor threw away the moral filter and got down to business as is.


One fine gentleman pointed out Rishi Kapoor’s state of mind by predicting his state of consciousness.


But Rishi Kapoor was in no mood to let things go.


However one Twitter user by the name of ‘Arnab Goswami’ (Parody maybe) posted a screenshot that saw Rishi Kapoor abusing a woman in Direct Message.



Another twitter user posted an image of how Rishi Kapoor abused her in private chat after she tried to calm him down.


But according to this screenshot, things got a bit ugly.



Being Indian’s take on the matter- 

While the details of the matter are still vague and unverified, there’s still an ounce of possibility that this could have been an exaggeration of truth. However, there’s an equal chance that everything reported above is true and authentic, in which case Being Indian condemns Rishi Kapoor’s words. Having said that, Rishi Kapoor is a very senior actor from the Indian film industry who has given our country a whole lot to be proud of. Should these abusive tweets be proven authentic, Rishi Kapoor should apologize for his words.


Disclaimer: Being Indian does not validate the authenticity of these screenshots as they were uploaded by Twitter users themselves.