If Your Life Were Directed By Rohit Shetty, This Is How Hilariously Adventurous It’d Look Like

Rohit Shetty has been the torch bearer of up-yours-Physics and a saviour of the representative of tooth decay – Mr Ajay Devgn’s career.

Why on Earth did he get rid of the A from his surname? Is this 2010 again when people thought texting without vowels is cool and saves 0.004367 seconds of your precious life?

Anyway, back to Rohit Shetty.

The ace director or should I say the always-ready-to-race director turn 43 today and he received a gift which none of us is excited about, tbh.


The ‘Golmaal Returns Without Giving Us A Prior Notice To Escape’ cast.


Rohit Shetty is a visionary of the highest order. His perception of the world is way different than that of a normal individual. The laws that dictate our universe aren’t applicable in Mr Shetty’s and I’m not just talking about the laws of motion.

So we wondered what would have happened had Rohit Shetty been allowed to direct your life?

You could have broken random kiosks and popcorn counters in malls and get away with it.


Imagine entering a mall knowing you’re going to return with free popcorn stuck in your hair. So much amaze!


Mock mute people because who gives a shit about being sensitive, amirite?


A great man named Tusshhaarr once said, “Aa Ae Eeee Uuuu Ae Ao Maayaaoo”.


Uber issues? No problem.

ajay-devgan-golmaal3Also, in Rohit’s universe, Piles will never be a problem again. Your bum can rest assured.


Traffic, what? You can always fly your way to the next signal.


And also propose your girl mid-flight because whoever invested the concept of physics was a douchebag.


Catching a local train will never be a problem since you can stop one at your convenience. 


Rohit will guarantee nobody misses one. Even if it means disrupting the lives of millions.


You can copy anyone’s homework and get more marks than him.


By marks, I meant money.


You can fuck up with names as much as you want


Fun fact: The three Golmaals were named Golmaal 1,2 and 3. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to name things.

Rohit’s world seems way more interesting than the one we live in. On that note, here’s wishing you a Happy Birthday Sir!