Here’s What Sahil Khattar Wants You To Expect From This Year’s Youtube FanFest

Creative individuals across the world are finding new media to voice themselves in one way or another. Youtube has emerged to be the pioneer of creative video content, giving rise to millions of Youtubers across the world.

To honour these creators, Youtube conducts the Youtube FanFest each year in different parts of the world. The Youtube FanFest India is one of the largest gatherings of video creators across the spectrum.

It not only gives a chance for creators of different sensibilities, style and demographics to interact with each other, it also gives the audience, you and me, a great chance to see and meet their cultural youth icons in real.


After 2 successful years of this mega show, the Youtube FanFest is back with its 3rd edition with none other than India’s favorite Youtube sensation and Being Indian’s very own Sahil Khattar.

Understandably and quite visibly, Sahil is nervous for this mammoth of an opportunity. So we sat him down for a one-on-one to get a glimpse into his current state of mind. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation with the mad hatter of Youtube, Sahil Khattar.


1. How are you preparing for the Youtube FanFest? What goes into hosting such a big event?

Hosting the Youtube FanFest is like climbing Mount Everest because I wanted to host it last year but for whatever reason it got lost in transition, so obviously the stakes are higher for me. Having said that, hosting in itself isn’t scary because hosting comes naturally to the talent acquired for this event, that is me. Regardless of the scale of the event, there’s a script that gets executed on the stage. So, the idea behind this year’s YTFF is to get all the #Millenials under one roof and have a gala time with them.

Other than all of that, there’s going to be some choreography involved. There’s an entry song that’s going to be Khattar-Khattar instead of Tattad-Tattad. Along with that, I’ll be performing on a surprise track while working out mad collaborations with other Youtubers.


2. What are your expectations from this year’s YTFF? What are you most looking forward to this year?

My only expectations from this year’s YTFF is for it to be Khattarnaak. We want this one to be the best edition so far, at least in terms of the host (humility). I want every participant, every audience member to have the time of their lives so that they remember this event for year’s to come, in a good way of course.

The one thing I’m looking forward to this year is the host himself (humility, again). I think this is one of the first times when, professionally, there’s a host for the event as opposed to stand-up comics doing the hosting as well as their own set. So, I’ll be trying to merge various spaces to bring creators together.

3. Do previous editions of the YTFF put pressure on you to one-up them?

Actually, no. Because no other edition, past or future, will ever be as good as this one (sarcastic applause). Not because I’m over-confident but because we know how to put a show together and since Youtube has given us this amazing opportunity, we genuinely wish to leave a great impression and make this show incredibly successful. And it’s this confident in myself, in my team, that makes me say that the 2017 YTFF will be the best edition for the next few years. No pressure at all in that terms. The only pressure is that of the execution of the script, which is always there in every performance.


4. Which artist are you looking forward to the most at this year’s YTFF?

Personally, I was really looking forward to JusReign coming to the YTFF Mumbai because I connect with him in a very weird, retarded way. That’s where our humor matches each other’s. But unfortunately, that’s not happening. Other than that, I’m looking forward to every artist that’s going to be here because all of us share the same webspace. We share one web address and that is Most of our subscribers are also shared, so all of us artists and YouTubers are connected by a social thread. The better other artists perform, the better they make us look and vice-versa.


5. What was your reaction when you got to know that you were hosting this year’s Youtube FanFest?

I’ve always believed that there’s no perk without a quirk which has now been validated with Youtube choosing me to host the event.

I was on top of the world when I got the opportunity to host this year’s event but I also felt that finally Youtube has made the right choice this year. We’ve hosted a lot of other big events but this is different than all of that. Here, you have to be yourself but at times when you’re doing 10 other jobs, you forget to be yourself. So, we’re leaving no stones unturned to make this year’s FanFest Khattarnaak and everybody know it’s going to be very Being Indian, a very people’s FanFest and not any particular Youtuber’s FanFest.



The 2017 Youtube FanFest is taking place on Friday, 24th of March at the JioGarden in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. For tickets and other information, please visit

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See you there!