SRK Explained Why He Has Lady Bodyguards And The Reason Is Hilarious

Shah Rukh Khan attended the India Today Conclave in Mumbai where the who’s who had gathered under one roof. SRK graced the occasion to represent Bollywood.

There’s no doubt that SRK has a huge fan base across the world. In India, fandom is a little tricky concept and people tend to cross the boundaries to get a glimpse of their favourite superstar. You should notice the crowds near SRK’s house, tbh to know the real power of super-stardom.

When SRK attended the India Today Conclave, he spoke at length about this issue and how he tackles it on a daily basis. 


Since the superstar knows about the crowd gathering near him, he takes care of the following things:


He explained his need of having lady bodyguards and the reason is subtly romantic. (Only SRK could have said this, tbh).

We bet SRK smells incredible and which woman wouldn’t want to guard him? *wink,wink*


Like a true romantic hero, he explained why women would be the perfect for becoming bodyguards because they have this formidable weapon – Their long nails.


Because of this, SRK has to face a plethora of questions. For example, his children ask him, “Why do you have scratch marks on your bum?”

You can watch the entire video here.

Well, SRK will be the first Bollywood star to hire women as bodyguards because believe it or not, his witty explanation might be the sole reason that saves him at the end of the day.

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