After Priyanka And Deepika, Is Shah Rukh Khan Making His Debut In Hollywood?

Hollywood fever is on, and Bollywood celebrities are leaving their mark on west one after the other. Priyanka Chopra with Quantico and Baywatch, Deepika Padukone in XxX and now, Shahrukh Khan is reportedly set to take Hollywood by storm.



Recently, Shahrukh Khan was snapped with the ‘Matrix’ director Lana Wachowski and author Paulo Coelho, and since then, rumours are doing rounds on the social media that SRK might feature in a Hollywood film directed by Lana Wachowski.


Reports also suggest that Lana Wachowksi is one of the biggest fans of SRK and wanted to direct a movie with him for sometime now. Shahrukh Khan, however, hasn’t given any confirmation on the news.