With Bhai Gone, We Got Some Celebs To Replace Him In The Thums Up Ad


The phenomenon called Salman Khan can sell anything. A soft drink, a pipe, a health supplement and even a terribly written script.

Bhai has a crazy set of fans who stand by him even in his tough times, but at a safe distance.

Fans’ reaction when. . .


When it comes to brands, it is said that Bhai doesn’t endorse brands. Brands endorse Bhai.

Whether it is the Revital commercial where he catches a Rugby ball in front of a football net wearing T-shirt and Jeans or the Relaxo one where he saves a girl from an avalanche wearing floaters, Bhai hardly gives a fuck.

However, a soft drink brand recently did something which most producers wouldn’t think of doing.

Thums Up dropped Salman as their brand ambassador and are looking for a replacement.


Let us do the honours of reminding you about the entire commercial.

Bhai is out of Thums up so he takes his magical bike and ‘surfs’ it along the sea-waves to reach the shore. Later, does a somersault with his bike and grabs a bottle from a moving truck. Wow, all that effort just for a cold drink. Wish Bhai did the same with his acting.

This left us to wonder how would the commercials or the taglines look like if Bhai was to be replaced by these celebrities. Check this out.


If controversy were a person, it would definitely be Rakhi Sawant.

rakhi sawant thums up

This guy is Sir Isaac Newton’s worst nightmare. He recently commented that Golmaal 2 was a crap film. What about the rest of your films, Sir?

rohit shetty funny

Rohit Shetty made a shit three movies titled Golmaal and when he actually made a remake of the original classic Golmaal, he named it Bol Bachchan. This guy shouldn’t be allowed to name things.


ACP Pradyuman everyone. The man who is solving or at least pretending to solve mysteries in India since decades.

acp praduman funny

No jokes here. VK would look bad-ass in this commercial and we absolutely have no doubts about it.


ACP’s slapping assistant. We bet Jim Morrison wouldn’t have named his band ‘The Doors’ had he known this guy.

daya funny

Mangal from Dangal likes to do things his way. Like each and everything.

aamir funny

Music never died as much as it did when this guy announced to become a DJ. *sings Duniya Haseeno Ka Mela in his head*


You know you achieved everything in life if you manage to speak without being interrupted on this man’s show.

arnab funny

A Sohail Khan Production in association with Big Bro’s money presents, “Jhelo Brother”


This was our list. Which actor/celeb you feel would fit the bill? Share your toofani list with us.

Wonderful images designed by Asha Deora from Being Indian.