This Video Of Priyanka Chopra And Esha Deol At An Award Function Is The Most Awkward Thing You’ll See Today

When we take breaks amidst all the work, we usually while away our time over the internet and sometimes manage to dig out hidden treasures.

This time, we came across a video of an award function. The occasion is Zee Cine Awards 2001 and the newly crowned Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, and Esha Deol are invited on stage to declare the winner of the Best Debut- Female.

Well, the winner turns out to be Amisha Patel (for Kaho Na Pyar Hai) and as soon as she steps on stage, her well-rehearsed (and overly philosophical) speech ensues.

Video Screengrab
Video Screengrab

But that’s not the most noteworthy part of the video. The moment that outstands every other moment in the video is all the moments that follow the moment when Priyanka Chopra lays her hands on the microphone.

She just doesn’t let Esha Deol speak A WORD and continues to announce everything herself (which is rather insensitive, y’know?) while Deol, very conspicuously, suffers a massive fail at her attempt to get her hands on the card. 


It sure as hell is a very awkward moment and we have taken this opportunity of using that very moment to fit into our daily lives: 
















Watch the video here and do notice that Deol takes her revenge by quickly grabbing the award and handing it over to Patel while Priyanka finishes side-kissing the winner: 

If you can think of any other situation that would suit this one, you better tell us in the comments!